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Scottsdale Homes 2016

The Kay-Grant Group

Buying with the Kay-Grant Group Irrespective of what you might be looking for, the Kay-Grant Group  is ready to help you find it. If you’re planning to be a Scottsdale home buyer, our services are absolutely free to you. The first thing you will want to do is get in touch with us. You can do that either by calling us on the phone or visiting the website. If you contact us by phone then just a call Andrea Lilienfeld who can be reached at 480-387-3990. We will match that’s perfectly as possible, you with properties that closely meet all of your desired criteria. When you wish to begin looking at properties, we’ll will work closely with you and take you to review a number of properties that are likely to be a good fit. Should nothing be suitable, we will get busy right away continually monitoring the market for you and keep you updated via daily e-mails, while you’ll receive details about new properties on the market.


The Kay-Grant Group specialize in homes for sale in Scottsdale, AZ, Tempe, Phoenix, and in the surrounding locale. However, you can if you prefer, work with the Group in other areas. Selling with the Kay-Grant Group With the Kay-Grant Group, you get a “white glove” experience when you are selling your house, your townhouse, your patio home, or your condo within the Metro area. The Kay-Grant Group specialize in home sales in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, and locations close by. The managing partners – Andrea and Geoff Lilienfeld – do not believe that “listing a home” is of much real benefit to their clients. Instead, they work closely with homeowners so as to comprehend their options and thus maximize sale price while minimizing time to make the sale.
Real Estate Sales in Scottsdale AZ with the Kay-Grant Group

 The Kay-Group prides ourselves in helping clients just like you to sell their homes through the provision of the following seven services: – Needs Analysis: The Group will work closely with you in determining your timetable and ensuring you achieve your goals. – Property Preparation: The Group will provide advice on improvements and repairs you can make so that your overall profit increases. They will also provide you with various staging strategies to help you to sell your home at the best possible price and within your preferred timeframe. – Pricing Strategy: The Group will work with you in determining the optimal selling strategy for the prevailing market conditions. – Marketing Strategy: The Group will generate a detailed marketing plan that will ensure your home achieves the maximum level of exposure. – Reception and Negotiation of Offers: They help you with the evaluation of received offers, while negotiating the terms, conditions, and final price of the sale on your behalf. – Pre-close Prep: They will help with the supervision and coordination of document preparation, consultation for pre-closing, and will provide a work list post contract. – Closing Process: The Group will review closing documentation, and will help to resolve any last-minute issues and also with completion of the transaction. Get in touch with The Kay-Grant Group today to learn more about the services they can offer to you.

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