Another pilot had flown this aircraft and noticed some abnormalities. There was in insular attitude in the industry. An unintended lean into a control column had switched off altitude control on the autopilot. Alas, the flight data recorder showed that an attempt to fix a light bulb brought about disaster. A bump on the control wheel was all it took to switch off the control and the gradual descent was underway.

Home Too Far Away and Altitude too low

A training director confirmed that the inadvertent bump was an unforeseen pilot error. This pilot never made it to his home. Neither did many others who thought they were destined for a south Florida home location. A $12 light bulb caused the largest jumbo jet accident to that point in history.

Home nearby would not be returned to. Not Palm-Beach Gardens homes. They would go up, in some cases, for sale.

Decades later, this accident is taught as an example around the world. Maintaining aircraft control is always essential. Clarification was not established and all crew members became over focused on a single task. Disaster.

Tension is now the enemy. Remain Calm and Fly On!

Delegation of tasks. Same thing for real-estate’s SEO. Delegate the pieces of the puzzle if only in your thinking.

Alpha Lima Whiskey. 189 people on board. No survivors. Episode 3. The first major loss of a Boeing 757 Aircraft. Again, everyone is far from home.

What s happening over the Carribean