First of all, more important than anything else is that switching to LED wall packs can produce savings of up to 70%.

That’s a huge win-win situation and the savings are immediate and appear in several forms.

50,000 to 75000, even up to 100,000 hours of maintenance-free, low-cost lighting that provides an excellent security enhancement. 

The bad guys (and the bad girls too) hate LED wall packs because they transform night into day anywhere they are installed. Criminals are just going to avoid these environments whenever possible as they prefer somewhere darker where they can’t be seen as easily.

LED Wall Packs At The Warehouse

You have a 24/7 operation going. What could be more important to uninterrupted work, other than personal safety, than uninterrupted long-term low maintenance lighting? if a light fixture stops working no, everything around it comes to a screeching halt. the cost as immediate as employees are idled- doing nothing much until the lighting problem is fixed.Time and energy are lost and deadlines are threatened or missed over a simple thing like burned out lighting fixtures. why not put 75,000 to even a hundred thousand hours between you and that problem whenever possible? That’s what happens when you install LED wall packs. Even when used 24/7, they give you nearly 9 years of maintenance free lighting. No replacing fixtures and no re-lamping for years on end.

Led Wall Packs Save Inventory Space 

When business grows so does the need for space. You don’t want all that space for added inventory taken up by storing extra lights do you? The last time, space and attention given to lighting needs and storage, the better. LED wall packs eliminate all these problems at once. Managers can spend a lot more time focusing on things that make money when they are unencumbered with maintenance problems. This is one way to make sure you spend less time and energy on lighting maintenance as well as valuable floor space. 

Keeping It Safe With LED Wall Packs

Dark spots and glare can both reduce visibility in workplaces. Packages marked fragile that are in poor lighting may be unnoticed and damaged. Employees can become injured tripping or running into objects in bad lighting.

LED Wall packs are super-bright and have neither glare or dark shadows. Instead, you get increased visibility where it’s needed out on loading bays, warehouse floors and docks. Not only is safety increased but efficiency too. An added bonus is that video security systems are more easily used to monitor traffic, identification and license plates- an added enhancement to security. They keep people out that shouldn’t be in there, and make life safer and better for people trying to get work done.

Traditional lighting typically experiences diminished lumens over time. More areas end up being in the dark and lit areas are far less clear than with LED wall packs.

What Color Is Your LED Wall Pack?

We are not talking about the color of the chassis but the output of the LED wall pack light, expressed as a temperature. They are typically used and measured as follows:

3000K – Warmer, Soft White Light

Typically found in residential applications

Great for entertaining


4000K – Neutral White Light

Bright white, similar to moonlight

Gives off slightly bluish, cool hues


5000K – Daylight

Blue-white light

Best for places, such as offices or display areas, where it’s necessary to see a high level of detail. This light can provide an enhancement to energy levels while working.